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Home Inspection FAQ

Are you a home buyer or seller and looking for a home inspector “near me”? The chances are you have no clue where to find one, or if you do, what is involved in the home inspection process. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), home inspectors check the home and its systems, allowing the buyer knowledge about the property’s condition. Find out below what exactly happens during a home inspection process.

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a visual observation that assesses a property's safety, health, and possible mechanical issues. A certified home inspector in Utah is obligated to comply with the state’s standards when conducting a home inspection.

There are two categories of inspections; a seller's inspection and a buyer's inspection. The majority of home sellers choose to conduct a home inspection to prepare the house for sale. A buyer's inspection is conducted after the buyer has made an offer, and certainly before the sale is closed.

How long does a home inspection last?

A typical home inspection lasts a few hours on an average-sized home. The inspector's report takes about two to four days to complete. A home inspection could last longer, depending on the house's size and the number of home inspectors hired for the job. The report goes to the buyer and the seller. Based on its finding, a buyer can withdraw the offer, renegotiate, or request a repair for damaged parts.

What is involved in the inspection process?

Home inspectors have a long checklist of tasks to tick off while inspecting the house. Their job is to find defects in your house that could pose a safety or health challenge. Some of the things that home inspectors look for include;

1. The quality of the HVAC system.

2. Water damage.

3. Plumbing issues.

4. Damaged roof.

5. Pest and animal infestation.

6. Structure of the building.

7. The quality of the electrical system.

8. Pool (if present)

9. Attic and basements.

10. Sewer and water drainage.

Preparing for the inspection

If you do not know how to prepare for a house inspection, call your home inspector before requesting help. Below are some of the things to double-check before the home inspector arrives.

* Clear out the mess in areas like garage, attic, basements, and crawl spaces. Inspectors have to check every part of the house. If you have a sump pump installed in your basement, a home inspector may want to ensure it functions to pump out moisture to avoid damage.

* Keep any receipts of previous maintenance services you have had on your property. Whether you had your HVAC filter changed or your radon levels tested, the home inspector may need reassurance to make assessment easier.

* Ensure full access to the electrical panels, water heaters, and HVAC systems.

* Ensure all bulbs and switches are working.

* Repair any broken windows, screens, or furniture that comes with the house.

* Run water in the tub and sinks to check for clogs.

* Address any pests and insect issues as soon as possible.

A home inspector in Little Rock examines the components and structures of the property. Expect the inspector to walk into every room, including the basements, run the washer, turn on the faucets, test the heating and cooling system, open closets, walk around the house, and other minor tasks. A homeowner may then note any mechanical or structural defects.

It is not a must to check for radon levels or any other noxious substances. Home inspectors will leave that to you to specify if you want it tested or not. However, it is important to test for them to stay ahead of health complications. The home inspector may also offer other services such as energy audits and mold testing at additional fees.

The home inspector is not meant to check or assess the value of the house. They will not break down any walls or repair anything. They solely assess the safety and functionality of the different components in the house.

What happens if the inspector finds a problem?

After completing the inspection, the inspector prepares a professional report of the findings. The report will describe the scope of problems and highlight defects that may potentially lead to damage or harm. A property inspector may also recommend follow-up by an expert on areas he may not be able to cover, for example, a pest control expert.

It is also important for a home inspector to respect client privilege. The home inspector is usually an agent of the buyer. Therefore, if the inspector finds any defects, he is obligated to share the report with the buyer first before the sale proceeds.

Who should be available during the inspection?

Any or both the parties should be available during a property inspection. Whoever planned for the home inspection should be present most importantly. The buyer will get to see firsthand the problems that the inspector may find. It also helps seek answers to question that the home inspector can give.

Sometimes home inspectors may not catch some defects. If the inspection report comes back clean and you still find problems when you move in, it is important to review the contract you signed. Check if they will repair the defects they should have caught but failed to. They may also need to refund your fees. Alternatively, it could lead to a legal matter.

How much do we charge for an inspection?

A home inspection costs between $300 and $500, depending on the size of the house and the number of house inspectors needed. Special home inspections could inflate the cost from anywhere between $25 to $200. Such inspections include termite, well water, or radon inspection. Get a quote here.

Bottom line

Buying a home is a huge investment. It would help if you had an informed idea of what you are getting into. If there are any manageable challenges found during a home inspection, it should give you, the buyer, an upper hand in renegotiating. A certified home inspector in Utah will assess a property's safety and health levels at reasonably affordable prices.

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